Well what did you EXPECT them to be thinking about?

James Hines is no longer with us. I mean, he might be with us in spirit, but that is about it. Unfortunately for his health, he overturned the receptacle (you might know the phrase better as "kicked the bucket") back in 2004.

Now, there are some things you should know about James. For starters, he kind of looked like David Carradine if Carradine had been a hippie rocker, dropping tunes on his steel guitar with hideous 70s style suits.

Second, he was really tall, like 6'7".

When I say "was", I mean it literally. Police finally got around to investigating the situation  and determined that yes, mortician Michael Cave did find a way to fit him into a coffin that was too short for him...by cutting off his feet and tossing them in the coffin.

Now, one might wonder why this came up 5 years later. Or why it was important enough to dig him up and prosecute Cave.

You clearly don't have enough time on your hands if those questions occurred to you.

I have been to lots of funerals and I can assure you, the first question in my mind every time has been, "Is the casket appropriately sized for the deceased". It saddens me you do not think the same way.

There is yet another joke here, but I think I have been tasteless enough already, so I am just going to...wait for it...let it die.


pheromone girl said...


I love the way your mind works, though. You think about things very differently than I do and I like that!

Riot Kitty said...

Oh ick! But your post was hilarious!

Overturned the receptacle...like it!

Fullur said...

The good news is the bond just passed to give greater funding to the DA's office. (No, I don't think that actually happened, but it is about the right speed for this kind of stupidity.)