And now for something completely different...

On the heels of that bizarre stress-whine, it seems like a good time for a riotously funny post. Main problem being...I have nothing.

I suppose I could tell about the contests Billy and Kyle used to have in class to see who would be first to see if they could get Greg to roll his sleeves up in frustration...yet people thought it was I who was the class clown. Some good stories there. But not feeling that story today.

Or I could tell about the Church camp where modesty was the subject of choice and J.R. uncorked perhaps the greatest quote of all time, talking about shorts. Specifically, he was talking about guys wearing shorts. "I don't see why people want to see that anyway. It is just a lot of hairy legs and knobby knees."

Classic quote, but doesn't really come across in writing. 

Wish I had the pictures of the trip the twins and my brothers took with Dad. He was driving an imaginary spike at Promontory Point, they were "escaping" jail, Fullur was "shot" off a train loading dock...some great stuff. 

Or I could tell the awesome and touching story of Dad and I listening to our beloved Dodgers against the heavily favored As in the World of my all-time favorite moments with him and there have been many good ones.

But none of those seem funny. What does seem funny is Jack Benny.

Unfortunately, this Mac is vastly inferior to Microsoft so I can't embed the video as I would prefer, but life goes on. Hopefully...


pheromone girl said...

All you need is hope. And a little Benny Hill, if the Jack Benny oesn't do it for you.

Have a really decent day.

Riot Kitty said...

Seems like a lot for having nothing to write about ;)