Welcome back

Sorry about the delay. Face-crack, better known in some circles as Facebook, was most likely the source of a fun little virus that decommissioned our computer for a week or so. We now hve made the switch to a Mac and have one again. So I will try to catch up on my reading and commenting soon. 

And in a completely unrelated note...Riot Kitty, want another computer donation to NAMI? :-)


Riot Kitty said...

Face crack! LOL!
I'll always take a donation (as opposed to a spanking...)And I'm sorry we missed you the other day - did you get my message? - I have a cell phone!

pheromone girl said...

Viruses suck. Sorry for the trouble!!

Anonymous said...

Noooooo! Not a (gag) Mac. Come back to the (cooler and much more fun) Dark Side of Microsoft and PC's.
I mean, one little Rebel virus gets in through an unguarded exhaust port on your computer and you don't immediately replace it with nearly the exact same thing? Are you sure you should have "Darth" in your screen name? :)