remember the joke about a suicide being murdered?

I haven't heard the joke for a while, but it was something about a guy trying to commit suicide who was plummeting by a window when a dropped shotgun went off and killed him.

Or the allegedly true case of the woman who was on her way to the abortion clinic to murder her baby and the guy on his way there to perform the procedure ran the stoplight, t-boned her car, killing the baby she was on her way to abort...and was convicted of manslaughter even though the mother survived and only the baby that "wasn't alive" and she didn't want was killed even though it isn't alive yet... This, by the way, was reported as a true story. I have never bothered to verify it, it is funny enough already.

Well, as hilarious as those are, I think I found a funnier way for a person to hurt them self. All they have to do is try to steal some knives, trip while trying to escape, and stab themselves. I guess this story cuts to the quick...I wasn't sure how to make it funny but thought I would take a stab at it. The thought knifed through me as soon as I read it.

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