So long 2013

What a great year in many ways.

When the year started the Goose and I were living in a dark apartment next to some dope-smoking mendicants. We had a few thousand dollars in credit card debt still from her journey through nursing school. We were learning to live together again.

During the year there were some real negatives that happened. I did not enjoy the heart issues that kept me in the hospital and started my downward health spire that has added 30-35 pounds back on, the tennis elbow, the torn meniscus, etc.

I did not enjoy losing friends, though it was not by my choice in any of the cases. I do not hold it against them, they had to make the choice(s) that were right for them but I do miss some of them. There is one I don't really miss, but he wasn't much of a friend and I think it funny his stance on how tolerant he is and yet he cut me off because he did not like something I have believed for over 42 years now. A great show of tolerance on his is normal for his ilk.

But I tell you what I have enjoyed.

We got those credit cards paid off. We purchased a house we both love a great deal in an area very close to both our works. We were able to help out a bunch of people when they needed help while making near-constant house improvements. We are closer to being completely debt free than we thought possible. We have learned how to live in the same house again and life has never been better.

On the docket for 2014 is getting down to just the mortgage and student loans, with a very decent savings amount. getting back down to 214 pounds. Looking into adoption since it seems natural childbirth is unlikely. Helping out some other people we know need some help. Enjoying time with family and friends. Maybe writing a second book.

I hope 2014 is great for all my family, friends current, past and future, and acquaintances.

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