Nope. Still weird.

Things I always find (choose one...smurf, choose several...strange, bizarre, obnoxious, rude, idiotic) that I see almost daily.

1) At work, using the men's room, having someone in the stall next to me chatting business on the phone.  Seriously, is that how you close a big deal? With a flush? And please, for the love of social politeness, if you are...choose one from above....enough to do business on the phone while doing business on the phone, if you catch my drift (and his backsplash, potentially...), at least wash your hands when done.

2) At the gym, what is with these guys shaving in the gym restroom. Really? That is the best time and place you can find for basic personal care? Your etiquette-fu is weaker than that of the guys in point one.

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Riot Kitty said...

Wow. Those are

Seriously. "You want to sign the contract? Great. Hang on, I've got to zip up."