Christmas is almost here

You know why I am not fond of Christmas?

I am not so much anti-commercialism. Gift giving can be a good thing.

That is the problem. It can also be a bad thing.

Trying to come up with a cool, unexpected thing for someone who knows you so well they can recite more facts about your life than you can and often know what you will say before you have even formed the thought.

Or trying to act pleasantly surprised when you open that exciting box of refried fruit cake.

I am long past the age where I care to engage in gift giving or receiving. I would vastly prefer hanging out playing racquetball followed by consuming unhealthy quantities of pie such as lemon meringue, chocolate cream, banana cream, apple...

At the same time, when I get it right and see my niece or nephew get that humongous grin when they see what they got or a loved one gets just what they wanted...well, the true meaning of Christmas might be gratitude the Messiah entered the world, but there is room too for a big grin.

Give your loved one a hug, tell them you love them and do it when they are not expecting it. That is a pretty good Christmas.

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Riot Kitty said...

I have been lucky enough never to get a fruitcake, believe it or not...