I guess I am an athlete after all

This past Saturday I participated in a 13 team tennis tournament. My partner Molly and I outlasted the other 12 teams to take hoe the traveling trophy, winning the doubles tournament. It got me to thinking.

In 1st through third grades I was in private schools and won numerous scholastic trophies having to do with most work accomplished (it was self-paced).

4th through 7th I was in public schools. I won the district spelling bee in 5th grade and was runner up in 6th, finishing third in the state in 5th.

I also won the individual title for district in chess all three years eligible (4th, 5th and 6th) going undefeated in regional competition and never losing a game at state, helping our team finish third one year.

But for all the scholastic accomplishments, it is in sports I wanted to shine. And I was thinking I never had until I started thinking about my list of titles won;

1979 Little League Champions, Multnomah Plywood
2005, 2006 softball League Champions, How You Doin'
2004 Portland Basketball League Champions, don't recall team name
2011 "March Madness" Basketball League Champions, Hodge Podge
2011 softball League Champion, How You Doin'
and now
2012 Lesser Portland Open Doubles Champions with Molly.

When I look back, I have actually won a lot of league titles and tournaments in sports. I just never realized how many.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget winning your trophy wife. hahhaha -Goose

Riot Kitty said...

Well, cool!

G. B. Miller said...

I think the one that I'm most impressed by is your tennis title.

Whereas the others were basically a team sport, the tennis one is about as individual as you can get. Even in doubles, the only person you can really count on is yourself.

So a hearty congratulations on your latest achievement.

Darth Weasel said...

yeah, I actually forgot me numerous soccer trophies. that was the epitome of having nothing to do with them; we lost one game where we forfeited when our coach went ballistic despite having something like a 7-2 lead.

We were too good. In 3 years we won every league title, tournament and anything else we entered. I played defense. If I kicked the ball ten times in three years I would be amazed. When I say "we" I really mean "our forwards and midifelders' because as a defender I was completely irrelevant

Jesse said...

Darth Weasel, I've looked at all your work into TSL's 'The First Contact' And I was amazed I finally found a TC worth playing. As I continued reading countless forums, I began to notice that you were losing interest, no matter what other people say. I have no modding experience even though I tried it once and it was totally impossible, so I have IMMENSE respect for the field. But I went to your website and it was BARREN. I really think you had a cool idea and I would hate to see another TC go down the pipes. Best of luck- A huge KotOR2 fan.