Who you should vote for this Presidential Campaign

Got an e-mail today suggesting people not donate to Romney due to his exclusion of the grass-roots portions of the Republican side.

It is a sentiment I agree with.

Where I disagree is they said, "We still have to vote for Romney".

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggg goes the buzzer.

Lets get some basic truths out of the way.

Obama has been a horrific train wreck. If I am blessed with kids, it is my great-great grandchildren who will be suffering from his devastatingly bad fiscal policies and the brutally bad "Obamacare" fiasco.

And that is what he has done that is BEST. He has truly been unbelievably bad. I dislike his version of morality, despise his fiduciary policies, and regret every judge he has put on the bench.

At the same time, Romney has some massive blots on his resume, both financially and morally as well. Yes, I have a very strict view of what morality is, I have mentioned before the source of it and will not be backing off of it.

But Romney's morality is far less offensive to me than Obamas.

Which is part of the justification behind the idea that people should vote for Romney.

The fall-back is the tired lie that to NOT vote for Romney is to vote for Obama, to vote for anyone else is a wasted vote.

Bull smurf.

To vote for Romney is to vote for Obama.

By the same token, to vote for Obama is to vote for Romney.

Lets face it; I find neither candidate palatable. Nor did I find either one palatable last election. Or the five before that...should I continue?

And every smurfing election the voices start up. "A vote for anyone other than (insert name of your parties' candidate) is a vote for (insert name of other parties' candidate".

And the sheep listen, punch the ticket, and we get more crap next election cycle.

Lets get one thing straight. A vote for a person you find morally reprehensible or fiscally irresponsible is a wasted vote.

What you do with that vote is ensure you will have the same two choices next election.

Don't believe me?

Go back and look at the policies of Obama, compare them to Gore, Clinton...Carter...

Go back and look at the policies of Romney, compare them to Bush, Bush, Ford, Nixon...


You should be.

Because as long as the sheep vote for the cockroaches, they will keep getting cockroaches as President. The only difference between the cockroach will be which set of destructive policies they enact.

Stop wasting your vote. Find a candidate who truly represents you. Accept the "lesser of two evils" is likely to win this election...but take the long view. Maybe when enough people start using their brain instead of their fear reflex we will get real candidates who represent US instead of the same tired and horrible two parties.

Democrats...you suck
Republicans...you suck.

People who keep giving us these chowderheads...you suck.

For the record, I would much rather see someone like Jesse Ventura get elected than someone from a major party. Did not care for his policies...but at least it was not the same old cockroach.

Now, off to not waste my vote. I hope you do the same.

Oh, and to answer my title...the person to vote for is whoever truly represents you, not Obama or Romney


Riot Kitty said...

No one represents you and me though, that's the problem. I have to tell you though, I would rather have someone in office who wants everyone to have health care than someone who thinks insurance companies should be able to turn people down who have a preexisting illness.

Darth Weasel said...

I would not. Obamacare is going to be the most ruinous, destructive thing since welfare. The being forced to subscribe whether you want it or not alone is enough to make me despise abominacare.

The financial devastation he is wreaking will still be felt long after my grandchildren have died and that is a sad thing

G. B. Miller said...

I can go on a lengthy spiel about Obamacare and the effects it has on the working class, but I should really save that for a future post.

Having said that, my FB circle is evenly divided for support for Obama, support for Romney and support for Ron Paul.

Oh and M, I disagree with you there slightly about pre-existing conditions. I believe there should be some exceptions to the rule, but others need to be enforced until a period of time passes (say about one year) before coverage can be offered, and at a higher rate.