to easy to lose touch

Since I have spent hours upon hours staring at computer screens at work and working on my weight issues, I seldom read blogs any more.

The sad result is I have lost touch with the day to day of some of my good friends.

For instance, today went bike riding with Fluffy the kitten (our performance today downgraded us from Cat and Weasel to Kitten and Ferret) and learned he bought a new car.

Three months ago.

He meanwhile learned I had my wife living with me again after we were blessed with her (finally) getting a job back here in Oregon.

Heard lots about how Riot Kitty is doing whose blog I seldom read because I am just not on the computer.

Methinks it is time for me to shape up and start reading again.

Should be back in touch soon.

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Riot Kitty said...

Yes, you should! ;)