Happy Birthday To Me

For a few months now the wife and I have been having a dialogue. Time to reveal a closely held secret; about 3 weeks ago I had started packing my stuff. I was planning on putting in my two weeks notice when I got back from the trip to Cabo we just took.

With the money she was making in Nebraska we could afford for me to take a year off and try to become not just a published author but someone making a living off of it.

How closely guarded a secret is this? Even my wife does not know that was the plan. I planned to surprise her with that little nugget on our anniversary.

It would have required some sacrifice but would have been worth itto be back together.

And the sacrifices were and are well worthwhile. And necessary. And not just financial.

For 3 yers since she headed off to school we have seen each other infrequently. And when we have seen each other, most of the time it has been in a nebulous, honeymoon type state.

Example; I would visit her in Tennessee for her graduation and we took a trip to Universal Studios in Florida. "Big vacation".

Last year just be I started my job with the new companywe went to Branson for a week. "Big vacation".

Spent Christmas and New Years with her which are traditionally celebratory times of year with nothing but games, movies, fun.

Last week we went to Cabo for a week. Another "big" vacation.

For three years we have not LIVED together. Doing the chores. Laundry, groceries, taking out the trash, cleaning the house. Goingto work day after day, making dinner, doing the dishes.


Living together day to day is much different than only seeing each other without the day to day portions of life.

And it is no big secret I have really filled my time the last couple years. Almost every night after work I am playing racquetball, tennis, softball or biking. Most weekends, too, though there I tend to add Warhammer and poker.

But I would happily trade it all...money, games, "free" time to be with her.

Unfortunately, one of the jobs she was working that would have made it financially feasible told her they were cutting her hours back. So it would no longer have worked.

So we were discussing when and how she would move back here. What job(s) she should consider.

Then we got good news. She was being called back for a second interview.It is a tough job, working in hospice. But she loves it and it would get her here.

Then she called me. "I have bad news," she said.

Bless her little heart. One of the things I love the most about her is the sheer, unadulterated joy she takes in many things in life. She has this look in her eye, a tone in her voice that she cannot disguise. I enjoy watching her enjoy. It can be as simple as a taco she likes the flavor of or as intricate as...well...

"I got it I got it I gotitigotitigotitigotit I GOT IT!"

They canceled the interview to hire her. I am flying out August 2nd to go to her family reunion that weekend, then we will be driving back together.

Together. What a beautiful word.

Three long years of sacrifice and separation. There will be work learning to live together again. But it will so be worth it. I am more excited than I know how to express. This has been a long time coming and I am so happy and excited.

Best. Birthday present. Ever.


Riot Kitty said...

Happy birthday to you!

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G. B. Miller said...

A late Happy B'Day to you and Congrabulations to the wife!!!