What happened?

For the last two years I have been getting into better and better shape. Two years ago Fluffy the Cat and I (some of you may know him better as Robert Tres, Atilla the Honey Bear, or simply not know him at all) started riding bikes a lot.

It helped my running stamina appreciably.

This past year we were more aggressive about it, riding 30+ miles nearly every weekend and even the occasional mid-week day.

On top of that, I started playing tennis. A lot of tennis.

Some of it was casual ball-striking with Mr. Riot Kitty and Riot Kitty herself. Some was casual doubles with members of the softball team or slightly more aggressive singles action with various members.

Some was intense action with a Romanian who, at the beginning of the year was better than me and by the end of the year I dominated him so completely he did not want to finish the set.

The thing is...with all the biking and softball playing and tennis playing with some basketball mixed in, I was in tremendous shape.

At one point I played over two hours of tennis three nights in a row, including one where I biked for an hour after the tennis, and felt I could have played even longer with ease.

I have developed what is, for a 40 year old guy who was in awful shape just 2 years ago, unbelievable.

Tonight I was playing racquetball and 10 minutes in...I had a side-ache, I was fatigued, out of steam.

I have no excuse, no explanation. I played racquetball last Thursday and Saturday and have relaxed other than that. It is crazy and makes no sense at all.

The only saving grace is I had two huge comebacks and won both games we finished...but I am more than a bit concerned at my fatigue.

*Sigh.* Some of us are never happy.


Riot Kitty said...

Could insomnia have something to do w/it? Attilla the Honey Bear! I love it!

Darth Weasel said...

nah...have not been insomniac lately. Glad you liked the new name