Things places should not sell

There are times when you go into a specific store and see them selling something that has you scratching your head.

Like, no matter how poor I get, I think the equation is pretty simple; going commando > purchasing underwear from Goodwill.

Guessing > purchasing home pregnancy test from the Dollar Tree.

Speaking of Dollar Tree, I stopped in there today. And they had a big sign advertising one dollar steaks.

Let's count the number of things wrong with that sentence.

1) Dollar Tree.
 If you are purchasing something and the most you are willing to spend for it is a dollar, it better not be important. This means things like shampoos, food, safety equipment, medicine are all big no-nos to purchase from that or similar franchises.
2) They had a big sign to advertise something there.
When the most expensive thing you have in your store is a dollar, you really have no need to advertise it. It is not as if sign guy will look at how much he pan-handled today, look over and see the sign and decide to spend him unearned coin there because of the advertising.

Nor are you going to get large amounts of foot traffic from people who WERE going to Sesame Donut next door but saw your sign and thought, "Hey, I do not really want this sugar filled delicious gut-bomb, I want what is advertised on that sign at the dollar tree".

Besides many dollar stakes do you have to sell to break even on what you spent on advertising? Hint; a LOT. No matter how bad the steak, there certainly cannot be a lot of profit in one that cost a buck.

3) One dollar steaks.
Food is expensive. Good food is outrageous. steaks are towards the top of the food chain. You cannot get a good BITE of steak for a buck. An entire steak for that price?

Quick, somebody call the NHL and ask if someone stole their pucks. I think I might have found them...

I can think of worse things. I mean, who wants to buy a recycled condom? "We washed it in the dishwasher, go forth and don't multiply."

Pre-chewed food is pretty low on my list of desires as well.

Pre-bruised fruit?

I could go on, but I think I have made my point.

Open memo to store owners; if the product you are selling has a purported value of 400 times what you are selling it for...don't. Just...don't.


Riot Kitty said...

I am trembling with fear here. Seriously! Steaks at the dollar store? I thought I had read that wrong.

That would be like selling condoms at...wait, I'll quit while I'm ahead.

Darth Weasel said...

You are never ahead when you read about steaks for a buck...should have quit before you read it!!!!!!!!