Saturday Robert Tres and I rode 30 miles.

Sunday I started a personal program to get my weight down. It is important.

See, my tipping point is kind of 240 pounds. When I hit 240 I start getting sharp shooting pains from time to time. This only bothers me because it is in the region of my heart. This scares me so I finally got serious about taking off some weight.

My goal is modest...I like being around 220. I feel good, the Goose says I look good. So 20 - 24 pounds was my target.

So I set up a program for myself to exercise 3 times a week with a modest goal of biking 1 hour a day three times a week. I also altered my calorie intake in such a way that if I maintained that level of exercise, i should lose 2 pounds a week.

Monday had last league game. Good time playing basketball. Because it is always a good time playing basketball. It is also more intensive exercise. Success.

Keeping my calorie intake right where I wanted it.

Thursday had double header, played not one but two games of basketball. Great time. Great for weight loss. Actually saw 233.9 on the scale.

That particular set of games was at Ballys. On the way out I saw a sign...3 years for 11.08/month. That is an awesome price. It was also the last day of the promotion.

After a quick text exchange with the Goose, I signed up. With it came a free personal training session.

My first inclination was to put it off a few days. My better inclination was to do it the next day...which was today, Friday.

So directly after work I went for my session.

Did exercises I have never done before. And pushed myself harder than I have in years. And after about 45 minutes I pushed a little too hard. My leg started cramping. 3-1/2 hours later it still is.

But I feel good. I accomplished my goal and then some for the first week.

Of course, a smart person would rest up for a couple days. Me?

Playing tennis in a charity tournament tomorrow as last-minute replacement for someone who pulled out with injury. Ironic, isn't it??

For now...I am just going to curl up in a fetal position and complain about the pain...

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Riot Kitty said...

It sucks at first, but it's worth it. You will crave the exercise. Hang in there!