My great failing comes back to bite me again

The other night I needed to run out to my car. Taking the phrase literally, I stepped outside the door of the establishment and began running to the car. About half way there I stopped running.

It was not because I was tired.

It was not because it hurt.

It was not because my desire to get to the car sooner had slackened.

It was completely, totally, 100% because...I was bored.

Yes, on a 30 second run to my car I got bored with running.

It has always been that way with exercise. I busted my tail last week. And when there is a ball involved I typically do not stop. Playing softball, basketball, tennis, I do not get bored with running. I will run for hours.

But if it is just to get/stay in shape or go from point a to point b...running is boring. Let me rephrase that...running is Boring. Capital B.

I noticed when the PT was asking me what level of pain I was feeling, even when it reached 8 or 9 I kept pushing. If he said do 15 i would try to do 16. If he said 10 I tried to do 12. I was willing to push myself there.

But will I have the motivation and drive to exercise without a ball involved and without someone standing there pushing me? Eh. Depends on if I get bored.

The real irony is I almost never get bored. I typically have an active and imaginative mind. I am always coming up with new ideas for books which I have bits and pieces of laying around at various places, or tweaking one of my completed works, or working on some of the songs I have attempted to write, or writing about one of my hobbies,...

But put me in a situation to exercise and there it is. I quit because I am bored.


Here is hoping I get the job done tomorrow and hit the gym as scheduled.


Riot Kitty said...

Good luck! I use workout time to clear my head. Far from boring, try it! :)

G said...

I walk a lot. Never bored while doing it.

Darth Weasel said...

I busted it tonight. good start. But boy am I sore...