Guilty pleasures in a time crunched world

I have mentioned before my embarrassing pseudo-secret that I enjoy the show America's Got Talent even though it is really at a loss for credibility when people like the generic, pedestrian singer that won last year beat out unique, innovative acts.

But the process to get there is often entertaining as we get to see a variety of acts, including a handful that are things we have not seen before. In my mind it would be a better show if they auto-dismissed singers, dancers, and dance crews. Those all have their own shows, they are all boring and show us NOTHING we have not seen dozens and dozens and dozens of times before.

Oh, look..he spins on his head. Wow. Oh, now he does a gymnastic move. What great dancers these guys are.

Sarcasm font off.

Oh, listen...he moodily strums a guitar and squints while caterwauling. How unique...I mean, it is not as if you can hear the same pedestrian chord changes, the same whining voice, and see someone wearing that same stupid hat at forty-seven local dives.

Oops, sorry about that...I thought I had turned the sarcasm font off. I was wrong. It was still on. But I have that fixed now.

One of the glorious things about living in the modern age is the DVR function...or whatever name your device calls it. You can record a show and skip all the craptacular parts.

For example, I routinely record Blazer games, start watching them when the live game is at half time and finish within moments of the game finishing through the simple expedient of skipping the commercials, half-time, and random cutaways to another bland, pointless sideline interview which typically is "player a is trying to score". Wow, really? Thanks for that brilliant insight.

And an hour show like Talent is easy to watch in 15 - 20 minutes simply by skipping the judges entrance, the tiresome shots of all the people lined up to audition and so forth. Cut out the boring acts I do not have any interest at all in like singers and dancers and I can watch an hour show in about 10 minutes.

And with all the time I save, I can enlighten all my admiring readers on how I waste my are welcome for that.


Riot Kitty said...

I *love* the sarcasm font! I wish I could turn it off when I talk.

Darth Weasel said...

Why? It is even more awesome in live conversation than in the written word. Sarcasm > life itself...