Nebraska is nothing like a classic Western

In the classic Westerns of the early days of cinema on up through the 60s it was quite common to see the same scenery over and over and over and over in the background. Basically, they would just paint up two or three pictures and slide them by repeatedly in the background. Some people have compared Nebraska to those old Westerns with lines about how little differentiation there is in Nebraska terrain.

I find that to be a baseless bit of fiction. So I decided to disabuse people of that false notion once and for all with a pictorial picture of much of the state.

So when I landed in Omaha, I broke my camera out of the bag and took a picture of the land on the way from Omaha to Lincoln.

Between Omaha and Lincoln

Now to be fair the land in that picture could be considered dull and featureless. However, that is just one picture from an hour long drive. Also, one dull, featureless picture should not be considered as representing the whole state. There is a lot of variety in the state.

For example, the Goose wanted to show me a park they have in Lincoln where they keep some buffalo. I think any reasonable, clear thinking person will immediately recognize that a park in the middle of the largest town in the state will look nothing like featureless unpopulated highway drives. So I took a picture.

The park within Lincoln City limits

As you can see, this alone should disabuse anyone of the notion that scenery in Nebraska is in any way, shape or form repetitive. This looks COMPLETELY different from the highway photo. I fail to see how anyone could ever get confused between the two.

Now, the cynic might say, "Yes, but that is the difference between a park in a city and the highway."

True. But Monday we drove back to Omaha to go to the zoo to hang out with one of my sisters (who lives in Iowa) and her daughter. So I took a picture of the OTHER side of the highway.

From Lincoln to Omaha; the other side of the road
 As you can see, the road that bifurcates the two sides of the road also makes a huge difference in what Nebraska looks like. Compare the two photos and you will see almost nothing in common.

A couple days later we headed out from the relatively high-denisty population of Omah and Lincoln to go to tiny little Red Cloud. This should give us a fine opportunity to see a lot of variety in the Nebraska wilderness. So lets look at some of the land and I think you will soon agree with me that Nebraska is a beautiful state that has nothing in common with the old Western trope.

First we passed a little town called Troy and I took a picture before we got there.

On the road to Troy. No, not that horses or scantily clad guys with spears and swords here.
Then we went through Hastings, which has a decent size population so of course there will be more development there.

Hastening past Hastings
After Hastings, we went through lightly populated Blue Hill, which coincidentally is where the Goose has her second job. Nice little town.

The hill is blue but the diverse scenery keeps people in not blue.
And finally we got to Red Cloud.

Blue Hill, Red Cloud...I scoff at anyone who cannot see the difference in scenery. The colors are clearly different.
 As you can see from looking at the pictures above, Nebraska has a wide diversity of terrain. I think it is highly unfair to say if you have seen one part of Nebraska, you have seen all of it. Hopefully this photo essay did the same for you.

But just in case someone is not convinced, I took a picture towards the evening so you could see it in a different light.

So if anyone EVER tries to convince you Nebraska is not a beautiful state with a wide diversity of terrain features, you just point them to this post. They will come away convinced.

PS: If any Nebraskan is feeling insulted by this tongue in cheek post, I apologize. It is supposed to be funny. Have some ice cream.


Riot Kitty said...

That last picture is so cute! The others, well, don't differ very much.

Darth Weasel said...

:-) well, to be honest...all except the last landscape picture are the same picture reposted over and over and over...