Beware the great black hunter

Our dog is many things. Loud.  Small. loud. Energetic. loud. Jealous. Loud.

So today we were out in the yard playing ball. She loves to chase it. Wears my arm out. Keeps playing.

But today she got distracted. Saw something under the house. Started ignoring me and the ball and pawing at under the house.

Time for a detour.

Yesterday there was quite the commotion when a baby possum was seen in the back yard. A few minutes later the world was home to three fewer possums.

Meanwhile, the Goose was worried that momma possum would beat up on Bella. Bella is, as mentioned, loud and energetic, but she is still just a tiny, black-furred chihuahua. And being small, that means she probably would not hold up well in combat against a mad momma possum.

So for a while Goose did not want Bella in the back yard until she decided possums do not come out in the day.

So as I was out there throwing the ball, Bella gets distracted, starts barking at the tiny little gap under the house. I move a board...

and the little turkey snatches out a baby possum which she then prances around the yard with it in her mouth playing keep-away from me.

She might be small and loud, but she is fast and agile.

So now I am chasing the dog while the Goose flips out a little bit thinking Bella will get sick again like she did when she found the dead squirrel. And Bella is prancing like she does when she is proud of doing something she thinks she should not have.

So yeah, now she is known as Bella the possum hunter. Loudest hunter on the planet.

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Riot Kitty said...

I'm still trying to figure out the dead squirrel.