Names are changed to protect the stupid

Actual event from today:

*Ring* receptionist picks up phone
"Thank you for calling ******"
"No, John Doe is out sick today. Can **** help you?"
my phone rings.
"Thank you for calling ******, this is Darth Weasel, can I help you?"
Him: "I need to speak with John Doe"

What I wanted to say: "He is still out sick. Nothing changed in the last three seconds."

Sadly...I refrained.


Riot Kitty said...

Bwahahahaha! Reminds me of the participant in the writing group I facilitate. Doors are off the hinges for a remodel. She walked through said doorframe. I told the group we needed to be a bit quieter than normal because the doors are off the frames and we can't close them.

"Why can't we just close the doors?"

My word verification is "jawspite."

Holland said...

And some people do not know how to listen nor have the mental capacity to absorb simple information.... It is ok... say nothing more... have fantasies... deep dark fantasies...