Time and place, peeps. Time and place

There is a group to remain nameless that really has no concept of humanity.

Well, okay, so numerous groups fit that description. Lets narrow it down to the ones I am referring to.

Namely, the individuals picketing funerals.

Against war? Good for you. You apparently recognize passages referring to God's Church "beating their swords into plowshares" and "learning war no more", passages such as the oft-cited Fruit of the Spirit, passages that talk about Christian actions being first pure, then peaceable.

Unfortunately, your timing and parts of your message belie what you are trying to do.

By picketing a funeral, specifically the funeral of a soldier, you are being deliberately provocative. You are intentionally being hurtful. You are taking a time of sorrow and emotion and deliberately making it worse.

I suspect part of your defense for your actions would rest on "there is a sorrow which is a Godly sorrow for it leads to repentance".

Do you think your actions are likely to lead anyone to repentance? Or will they drive them to anger, bitterness and hatred? You walk the path of Jonah, telling the people of Nineveh how much you hate them without realizing how he was chastised for his attitude.

You reflect poorly on the God you claim to serve.

If you wish to protest the evils of war, do so. But do it in an appropriate venue. That venue is NOT outside funerals.


Shame on you.

As for your other message...your means of expression is nearly as despicable. Why not use Biblical terms instead of vulgarity?

You are as bad as the leftist whack jobs with bullseyes on pictures of the Wisconsin governor. You are as full of hate and bile as they.

Find repentence while you can.

And find better times and places to make your message known.


Riot Kitty said...

Amen. I was thinking about writing about this today, but I was too angry and sad about it. You were much more eloquent than I could ever be.

G said...

But if Westboro did that, nobody would pay attention to them.

Darth Weasel said...

writing about it has been a while coming as I have been aware of them for about 5 years. just did not want to raise awareness.

idiots and jerks seem to get platforms. people doing things the right way sadly do not.

Holland said...

I never understood nor will I ever understand the need to protest at funerals or weddings. It lacks respect and shows a lack of basic human empathy.