Theme park Fluff Fluff

Graduation pics coming soon. Just too hard to post them right now. I be missing the wife, you know?

Okay, maudlin stuff is time for another hair-raising, thrill-packed tale of derring-do and adventure from the just-completed vacation.

We spent a couple days at Universal Studios. Due to their awe at my presence...or the sub-freezing temperatures, perhaps...people stayed away from the park in droves.

This meant popular rides such as the Dueling Dragons had waits of 5 minutes instead of 55 minutes. (It also meant it was so cold it was borderline not worth it to go on the ride...ah, who am I kidding, it still rocked!)

4 of those minutes were the walk from ride entrance to where you actually get on the ride.

Normally the wait is bordering on an hour, so to amuse people, they post bits of "fluff" to make the ride thematic.

On the Dueling Dragons, the theme was Harry Potter, so they posted a bit of fluff.

The lights are on, the windshield wipers flipping back and forth, and it occasionally honks. I laughed, kept walking up the path.

At the top of the hill was a park employee lounging by the entrance. The smart-aleck inside me could not resist.

"Some guy had an accident back there" I said, pointing back down the hill.

"What? Where?"

"Along the path. Crashed his powder blue car into a tree. Must have just happened...the motor is still running."

To my never-amending amusement and marginal chagrin, he got a worried look on his face and started running down the path to check on the accident as I made my merry way to take my seat on the ride.

Good to know he knows the fluff on his own ride, has the intellect to realize a car getting to that point of the park is next to impossible...

And feels shame because as the ride took off I saw him walking back to retake his post, shaking his head and laughing.


Riot Kitty said...

Like I wrote before...reminds me of Mr. RK asking the guy at the auto parts store if they carried flux capacitors. The poor bastard spent half an hour looking for one before calling back and saying they didn't have any ;)

G said...

Somehow, I can picture a sweet little old lady saying to here friend, "Wasn't that nice of the young man to say that there was a car accident nearby?"

Little does she know, eh?