I need a volunteer

So at the Goose's graduation, the commencement speaker did the normal; take a bunch of famous quotes, mash them together and make vaguely inspiring pronouncements from them.

One of them was the FDR "We have nothing to fear but fear itself" nonsense. And the lesson he drew from it was the tried and false sobriquet, "Find that which you fear the most and make a point of doing it. By so doing, you will conquer your fears."

Well...by her own admission, there is something about a job she is looking at the Goose fears. It would involve being lead nurse at night...like Nick at Nite, except less funny...at a small hospital just the other side of the middle of nowhere.

Her fear is that her inexperience could lead her to kill someone with a mistake.

Now, all of us make mistakes from time to time. Some are serious. Others are not. Typing infer when you obviously mean imply is clearly a mistake...but people get past it. Except Al.*

So I have encouraged the Goose to confront her fear, face it, and make a point of doing that which she fears most.

We just need a volunteer she can kill.

After all, it is what was suggested in her commencement speech...

* Inside joke well laughed at by those whom are familiar with the song referenced.

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Riot Kitty said...

LOL! I can send you several.