High school dropout perhaps?

Those who know me best know I will go a fair distance to get a cheap laugh.

So we went to Universal Studios this afternoon. When walking up to the various rides, they put a lot of "fluff" on the walk to entertain you as you wait in line. One ride happens to relate to the Harry Potter universe.

Part of the fluff is a powder blue car crashed into a tree with the motor running, lights on, and occasionally beeping. Apparently this is a scene directly out of one of the movies.

Fortunately, the lines today were short (read "non-existent") so in about 30 seconds I reached the attendent. 

"Hey," I said, "some guy had an accident back there. He crashed his powder blue car into a tree."

"Oh, no!" he said, and even though it would pretty much be impossible to get a powder blue car anywhere near a tree at that part of the park...he took off to help the guy who had the accident.

Good to know gullible people still exist.

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Riot Kitty said...

Bwahahahaha! I swear you and Mr. RK were separated at birth.

Years ago he was bored and called an auto parts store and asked for a flux capacitor. The salesman spent about half an hour looking before he called back and said they didn't carry it ;)