The Weasel returns to action

A couple weeks ago, a guy from the softball team decided to put together a basketball team for a local league.

Having always loved basketball, I elected to go ahead and play. At the last moment, my good friend Kyle also joined.

Now, I have aged not very gracefully. In my late teens/early 20s I was extremely athletic. A borderline 6' tall, I could legitimately dunk on a regulation basket on a good day. I was a terrific rebounder and passer and a decent defender.

As I aged, a few things happened; I gained weight, the various sprains, aches and pains began to take a toll on me, and I lost not just the athleticism, but the drive.

From time to time I have played mens league, and one thing I have noticed; I seldom assert myself.

So tonight I decided to do so and the results were pretty good.

I think I can say without fear of contradiction I was easily one of our two best players tonight. I only scored 11 on 5 of 12 or so, but I was among our leading rebounders, blocked a couple shots, had several steals, and did not turn the ball over.

I can not express the feeling I get when i read the play and knock the ball away against a 3 on 1 fast break, or box out my guy and snag a rebound against younger, more athletic, sprier, higher jumping players by using my knowledge of the game, timing, and unwillingness to let anyone else get the ball.

I had an exceptional time playing. I really need to practice a bit, because 2 or 3 of my misses were absolute gimmes that I blew.

But the thing is, I got out there, set some screens, rebounded, played defense, scored a bit and had fun.

On the downside...our team as a whole is bad. Brutally bad.

I probably set 40 screens tonight...and had 2 of them used. I posted up shorter, lighter guys on the edge of the paint about a dozen times only to have the pass go the other way and be intercepted more often than not.

I saw some balls heaved in the general direction of the basket...I guess they were shots but i am not real sure.

And I was reminded...sometimes it is tough knowing how to play the game when on a team with people who do not.

be that as it may, it was a lot of fun and I look forward to next week.


Riot Kitty said...

I'm glad you are able to do this again! Sprains suck.

Anonymous said...

Be aggressive. Be, Be aggressive! Goose is your cheerleader.