Meant to write lots of nice stuff and throw up 8 or 10 of my favorite pictures from our trip to Silver Falls.

But I didn't.

Planned to ride the bike for 2 - 3 hours tonight, then mow the lawn.

But I didn't.

Also planned to practice the guitar for an hour or so and work on my song-writing.

But I didn't.

I also, time permitting, wanted to write out the first chapter of a brilliant new book idea before I forget it.

But I didn't.

The first couple days after parting again from the Goose just suck like noboduies business. I pretty much do not want to talk to anyone or do much of anything.

Bella helps. She keeps bringing her ball and dropping it in front of me and giving me that little puppy-eye look until I throw her ball. Again and again. And watching her and the sheer joy she gets from that fruitless, pointless activity...well, I guess if it brings that much joy, it is not fair to call it fruitless or pointless...anyway, it seldom fails to bring a smile to my face.

But before and after those times...well...just blah.

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Riot Kitty said...

Sorry we did not get to see her...and I know it sucks! Just a few more months to go!