There are ways to know you are getting old

Like...a highly anticipated movie is coming out, you have a chance for 2 ovie for one price tickets so you can watch Iron Man I and II back to back...and decide you are too tired to go.

Or you catch yourself saying, "When I was growing up, not only did product X only cost amount hadn't even been invented yet!"

Or you are playing that exciting new video game you purchased yesterday, and the following facts are all true about it:
1) it is based on a board game from the 80s
2) that only nerds, geeks, and lame-oids played
3) it is a huge step backwards from the games being produced today in graphics, style of play, complexity of play, and depth of play
And, most important of all...

Your eyesight is so bad that, while playing this foot-ball/rugby/fantasy/murderous type game, you actually pass the ball to the other team because your eyesight is so bad you did not realize you even had the ball...

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