Wow, really?

Just a day or two into the week, and already I have a bunch of, "Wow, really?" moments


A) the shoulder; I weeded most of the front walk area Saturday...and despite being careful, re-injured my shoulder. Why was it so important to me that I had to try that? (The answer is easy and obvious...I want the place to look good when the Goose gets home in May for a few days)

B) the answer I got. While weeding, there was this young girl, maybe 8, 10, 12, 14 years old...somewhere in there...riding her bike up and down the road. Cars kept zipping up and down the road. Finally, I heard one coming down the street, engine revving, tires squealing. I ran out into the road and stood in the middle, forcing him to stop. I then politely asked him to please slow down. I explained the neighbors have a couple young kids, I and the people across the street both have little dogs, that a girl was riding her bike (we have a narrow street). The correct answer is, "You are right, I wasn't thinking, I will slow down." His answer?" Oh, I am not going to hit anybody, I am just testing out my car."

Really? Not on my street you aren't. Now when I see you coming.

C) Another interesting case where someone saw something wrong being done, commented on it...and was attacked for bringing wrong to light. Would it not be better to try and correct the wrong? (also applies to 90% of news...)

D) Bella loves to play ball. So while eating a slice of pizza, I was throwing it for her. So she comes up, drops the ball at my feet. I should have been suspicious...she never does that. But I innocently bent down to pick up the ball...and she took a snap at the pizza, nearly stealing it right out of my hand. For a pea-brain, that was a really well thought out plan and it nearly worked.

And it is hard to yell at her when you are laughing...but really, Bella? You change where you drop the ball just to try and steal my pizza? I am watching you...

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Riot Kitty said...

LOL at Bella!

What a putz in your street "just testing" his car. Seriously? Velcro is made for people like him, because they can't figure out how to tie their shoes in the morning.

When is Goose visiting? Let's get together!! Sorry about your shoulder - take it easy, eh?