Now, maybe this is not exciting to you...

Mowed both our oversize back yard and our front yard today. First mowing of the year is always tough because the grass is longish and, usually, a bit damp. When using a mower that has not had the blades sharpened in at least 5 years....that makes for little fun.

Then, after mowing, I took a shovel and turned over all the dirt under the picture window in front of the house and pulled out all the roots from the weeds that were growing there. Did the same around the mailbox and even did about 4' of the stuff along the rest of the house...probably the toughest part because it has this weird grass that grwos super close together and runs the roots deep.

Now, as life goes for most people this is no big deal. typical spring yard work.

But to me...what a huge amount of progress it shows. I started at half tiome of the Blazer probably about 1:30, and finished about 4:15 or so.

And my arm feels fine. My shoulder feels fine. Full range or motion. A little soreness...but the point remains. My arm has healed back to the point where I can do normal, everyday stuff.

I cannot put into words how happy that makes me.

I never thought it would be a big deal, an important moment to me to be able to mow the lawn and not be full of pain. Lol oh how goals change.

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