A good tired

When i got home tonight, it was kind of hectic. Reset my Ipod and put a bunch of Jack benny episodes on it....which took way longer than it should because Bella insisted on playing ball the whole time.

Then I went for slightly over an hour bike ride, finding and checking out the Springwater Trail.

By the way, Riot Kitty, tell Mr. Riot Kitty I am definitely good with riding it later, though it will take me until about August to get any kind of speed...I have no legs anymore!

Along the way I am pretty sure I saw a bobcat. It was definitely feline abnd about the size of a Black Lab, but with tawny yellow fir. So that was...exciting?

Got home, spent more time playing ball with bella, and I gotta tell you...that is so fun. She does this "bounding" thing. If you have ever seen a deer startled go bounding off with that little four leg kangaroo spring, it is the perfect look for how she runs.

And then, as I had dinner, Bella went all Bella on me.

I set my Oreo down on the kitchen counter to pick up the phone and talk to my lovely wife. I turned back to see it laying on the floor with Bella sitting next to it trying to look innocent (and failing...I heard her jump).

She tried to pretend she was not interested in the cookie. If I believed that, I would have fallen for the car in every garage and chicken in every pot promises, too...

So I moved as if to pick it up and she snatched it and ran off. As soon as she was out of reach, she sat down, dropped the cookie, and pretended to look the other direction.

I swear that dog tries to use reverse psychology. She does the same thing with her ball. She will drop it, sit there all quiet pretending not to be interested...until you move toward it at which time she snatches it and runs.

She knows. She plays. And she knows when she is being bad (see the above picture...as if I would allow the dog on the table! I barely allow the Goose and i on the table when we are....uh...eating dinner.

Anyhow, with a barrel of exercise behind me, wooden legs, and tired arms from those exercises, you would think I would be asleep long before this. you would think wrong...

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Riot Kitty said...

Cute! Sorry you have no legs!