A Shameless Plug

I think everyone should go here. Even if you do not plan to purchase anything, you should go here.

Why should you go here?

Well, quoting approximately 97.32567893456% of all parents who have ever lived....because I say so. (I say approximate because some people believe the correct figure is 97.32567893457%...but that number is ridiculously high. My percentage is the correct one.)

A better reason would be because it is the home of Mr. Riot Kitty's work.

I actually have a few pieces of his work around the house. A beautiful square box and a bowl among them.

And I can honestly say I am more than pleased with his work. I find it to be of exceptional quality, extremely pleasing appearance, and with a bit more panache than you find in many wood working homes.

So by you, my humble readers, doing me the simple courtesy of following this link, even if it is simply because I asked you, it has a chance of driving up his rankings in searches and, by extension, perhaps earning him a few well-deserved sales.

I do not put a lot of sales pitches on here (though be on the lookout for one from NAMI, coming soon), but when there is something people can do that costs them nothing and helps someone out...I think that is a very worthy cause.

So please, check it out.

Thank you.


Riot Kitty said...

You are so cute! Thanks :)

G said...

Best Shameless Plug award goes to......Darth Weasel.


Very nice indeed.