So who is and who isn't?

The UK Telegraph came out with their list of top 100 most influential Conservatives and tope 100 most influential Liberals in the US.

I find lists such as these oddly hilarious. They are completely subjective, to start with. Their most powerful feature is their ability to stir up debate.

Now, I have no idea what dark, twisted motivations I had, but I went and read their top 20 list on each side, along with a bunch of the comments below. And those comments are truly hysterical.

For example, under most influential Liberals, comments are complaining that people such as Obama, Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton are right of center and Al Gore is "barely left of center".

Meanwhile, on the other side people like Mitt Romney are described as "moderate at best".

Kind of makes you wonder where the center IS...

you can find these hysterical comments here.


Riot Kitty said...

I always wonder who makes decisions on stuff like this, because it always makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

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