My birthday record

We had Dad's birthday dinner this afternoon, a couple weeks late. When discussing it, I remembered something I had forgotten...mercifully. But now I remember, so now you shall suffer.
One of my earliest memories revolves around my birthdays. I had an old Sears Roebuck orange record player. It was plastic. I mentioned this, but it is worth mentioning again. It was orange.
It looked nowhere near as good as that.
Now, for my younger traders, I should say...record players of good quality were famous for having needle issues. This train wreck scratched virtually every record. It actually functioned better when, instead of a proper needle, it had a sewing needle in it because we could not afford to purchase replacement needles.
It meant I had to be very careful. I listened to a lot of records on that thing. The Smothers Brothers. The Lone Ranger. Bob and Ray.
It scratched pretty much all of them, and that always upset me because I would listen to the same episode dozens, maybe hundreds of times. And I was always sad when another one got scratched.
Of course, there was one record I WANTED it to scratch. To wreck. To destroy.
My birthday record.
But of course it wouldn't.
It was a personalized record made of flimsy plastic or something. You could bend, fold, spindle and mutilate it. The post office might not mail it, but that record player would still play it.
What a way to wake up on your birthday every year...that player turned as loud as it would go, cracking, distorted, singing that super annoying "Hey (censored...I always hated that diminutive)), it's your!"
And it would get played over and over and over and over all day. It would get played before lunch. Before dinner. During dinner. After dinner. While opening my present. Over and over and over.
But here is the much as I hated that particular record...I loved it. Mom always made a cake (from scratch) for my birthday, they did what they could to make it special. I mean, really, how many people get personalized records using their name in a birthday message?

And now you will have ugly orange record players stuck in your head for several weeks, so it has long-lasting side benefits. :-)


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Riot Kitty said...

Still haven't blocked the anonymous comments, eh?

That record player is AWESOME!!

Fullur said...

I remember that player, or one very similar to it. Do not recall the song though...