I am thankful I can laugh when I should not

I must admit, I have never really understood vandals and vandalism. What joy do you get from mindless destruction of the property of others?

Whatever. We all are subjected to it.

Usually, I just find it annoying, obnoxious, and idiotic. But today, I have to admit I found it funny.

Taking my life in my hands, I entered a public restroom and there, on the wall someone had written a phrase we all need to have in our lives with far more frequency:

"Wonder Twin powers activate!"

Now, what wonder twin powers this individual was using in the bathroom I do not know...nor do I have any desire to know. Nor do I particularly care to hear how they activated them.

And I know I shouldn't laugh...but for whatever reason, I did. The only reason I can come up with for not laughing is simple; I neglected to activate my wonder twin powers.


Riot Kitty said...

That is hilarious!

kev said...

ok, now I know it's not intentional, but after reading this post and then looking at the heading for your previous post, I find it nearly impossible not to laugh.