So, uh...yeah. Another good day.

Went to the doc yesterday for my foot issue. While there, he also checked out my shoulder.

My shoulder has a torn rotator cuff. There are three ways to deal with it; first, cortisone shots which, with my well-known paranoia of needles, there is no way I will be doing that...besides which, it doesn't fix it, just masks the pain, so you can actually do a lot more damage to yourself. Second, long-term rest. Third, strong pain medication which, by the way, I could not take at work since I operate heavy machinery.

My foot problem is some sort of fasciitis...he did not say plantar, so not sure if that is it. Anyway, pending some x-ray results, that is something that can be fixed with some rather expensive orthopedic prosthetics which, by the way, insurance does not cover. Or more of the above mentioned pills which, as before, I cannot take at work...the only place I need them.

Great, so basically what he told me is that as long as I work in the warehouse I will be in pain.

In the interest of full disclosure, I told my superior at work what the deal was.

So they sent me home until the doctor releases me to full duty under the Family Medical Leave Act or some such thing.

Now, you may have noticed a slight discrepancy there.

THE DOCTOR DID NOT RESTRICT ME. He just said it will be an issue as long as I do that job and to be careful.

So until he gives me medical clearance from restrictions he did not place on me, I am on leave...unpaid medical leave...yeah, nice work.

That so teaches me to be honest. To be a team player. Of course, if I were not a team player I would still be safely and healthily ensconced upstairs taking monotonous call after monotonous call...well-paid, good schedule, easy work. But no, I was a team player, took a temporary situation in the warehouse, then a temporary move to nights that they unilaterally decided to make permanent.

Kind of a mixed blessing here. I am sending out resumes by the handful, if you know someone looking...give me a heads up.


kennyB said...

I deal with this a lot at work. For our own liability, I have to require people to bring in a release back to full duty, even when they are not restricted. Stupid I know. Thank our wonderful invasive government for that one. Anyway, in our situations the people just go back to the doctor (or sometimes call) and have him fax us a release to full duty. Doesn't make sense, but hey, somebody's gotta pay the doctors so they can pay taxes on the money we earned to give to them to let us work to earn more money so we can pay more taxes. >.<

pheromone girl said...

We need to talk. Oh wait - we will! See you later...

Riot Kitty said...

Oh geez. Hang in there - I will see you in a few hours and we will chat!