Random Stuff from Tennessee

So the trip was long and more or less uneventful. For those intrepid few who read my horrible 160 characters or less mobile blogged jokes about Twin Falls, Carbon, WY, and so forth...I would apologize for some of those jokes if I were not a jerk.

Carbon County, Wyoming

It was interesting in Tennessee. We were 1 exit from the Grand Ole Opry...and never stopped by. Likewise, we were one exit from The Hermitage...and never stopped by.

That highlights one of the problems with me as historian. Looking at a chair and finding out Andrew Jackson sat in it does not fascinate or thrill me even in the least. Knowing he lived in this specific house I could not care much less about.

Knowing what he did, good or ill, that thrills me, fascinates me, and I will study. Looking at where he did it? Not so much.
On the bright side, on our way there we did see a statue of me in Illinois. In Metropolis, Illinois to be exact. So we took a picture of the Goose standing under me.

We also got to see one of the highlights of Nashville: the "Batman building".

But this post is not about those events. Oh, no. It is about perhaps the single most awesome sign I personally have ever witnessed.

See, we went running on the J. Percy Priest Dam running trail. It was frankly a gorgeous trail full of verdant greenery, abundant plant life, and hills. Lots and lots of hills.

Now, one could suppose that some of these hills were steep. Runners know what that means. You have to carefully modulate your speed in order to neither tire yourself out nor subject yourself to danger.

So the great state of Tennessee decided to put up signs. Warning signs.

Thanks, Tennessee for the warning. Lets take a look at that sign, shall we?

Thanks, Tennessee. Thanks for nothing.

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Riot Kitty said...

Yes, you would like a spanking! And so would I, because that sign is f'ing hilarious!