One thing you should know about Bryce

One of my friends growing up was Bryce. Nice kid, loved tv, participated in our various baseball/basketball/football/computer game sessions.

Couldn't jump.

Now, when you talk about some people who cannot jump, you hear a lot of things like, "white men can't jump" and "you can slip a piece of paper under him when he jumps."

Bryce envied the sky-walking nature of such jumps. He could not jump...AT ALL.

When he jumped, the apex of his leap was actually lower than when he stood flat-footed. He simply could...not...jump. How limited was his jumping ability? When he used dunk champion Michael Jordan in video games, Jordan took set-shots.

One day when we were out playing basketball we were talking about a post-game dunk contest that had been held at the local high school. One of his friends had been in it and lost and, reportedly, started crying.

Someone made the dismissive comment, "Oh, all Cam can do is dunk over someone seated in a chair."

Never mind that the person who made the crack could barely touch the net, much less dunk, or that dunking over someone seated in a chair is pretty impressive for a high school player.

The comment would have gone by the way-side if not for lead-footed, gravity worshipping Bryce.

"All I can do is a reverse 360 windmill jam from the free throw line but you don't hear me complaining."

Bryce, to this day that joke makes you my hero.

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Riot Kitty said...

That is hilarious!