It is with a mixture of amusement and fascination

That I read a variety of responses to my posts here and on face-crack.

Throughout the years I have written far more controversial is not everyone who was willing to defend Ward Churchill in 2005 (and even harder to justify) and had far less response. I have written much more aggressive material...but never had so much feedback.

And the feedback really ranged widely, from the well thought out, nicely written e-mail from one individual to the bizarre text from not one but two people I have no idea who are...I was kind of surprised by those since my e-mail address is easy to find, my phone number...not so much.

Be that as it may, the wide ranging responses show a few things.

First and foremost, thanks to all of you who mentioned praying. I genuinely appreciate that at all times. Please make prayer for me part of your daily routine as I can genuinely say that most if not all of you are part of my daily prayer time. As are several people who did not respond to it and probably had no way of reading it.

At the same time, perhaps I should provide some more concrete examples since it was obviously not clear.

Today I was approached and asked why a couple things had been loaded in thus and such a way. In the interest of clear explanation, the question is intrinsically an accusation they were not correctly done and,. by extension, that I am doing things differently than other people.

In the past I would have asked what I had done wrong and taken the heat on myself.

Today, I whipped out my camera phone and showed the pictorial evidence that I had, in fact, merely echoed exactly what other people were doing, people who had a hand in showing me how I was supposed to load. If there was an error it was in my training.

That was the end of that issue.

So instead of allowing an accusation to pass unchallenged, I dealt with it on the spot. And far more aggressively than I would have done so in the past.

Yes, that is "merely" a work example, but it is also a clear indication of the type of thing I am discussing, though there are and will be many other examples from other areas of life.

One individual, whom I am about 97.3% sure was joking, responded with a line about "not liking Weasels in any form". I am pretty sure it was a joke since we know each other pretty well, my pic is on the side, and so forth.

But if not, that is the sort of comment I would have let fly by in the past. Nowadays, I would not let it pass without a swift, stern rejoinder regarding the casual, surface judgment with no applied basis.

Another interesting note is the new attitude, at least on Scriptural matters, is actually far more in line with Scriptural precedent from men such as Paul and the letters to the churches in Revelations.

As an interesting sideline, I think one of the e-mails I was sent has finally motivated me to do something I have been toying with doing for quite a while.

I am not sure if it was meant to be sarcastic or legit, the comment, but the truth is I do have nearly 40 years of in-depth study behind me. I have been blessed to hear numerous sermons from some of the finest minds to have preached during my life-time, including but not limited to Archie Word, Harold Buckles, Don Hunt, Mr. Holsinger, Ivan Norris, Chuck Haukaas, Clarence Eason, Jim Richardson, Don Pinon, Alan Walker, the Reymans, Bob Lentz, and dozens of others.

I remember the years when Coos Bay was truly a family camp and when afternoons were spent with a half dozen or more preachers sitting around discussing the finer points of the Gospel and approaching it from many angles. Some incredible teaching was being passed on then.

Now, that does not mean I agree with everything I heard from these men, nor that they would agree with everything I have to say. But I have been blessed in being able to hear them and in some cases attend more intensive classes under their tutelage.

And I do have some material worth passing on and presenting. It is quite clear to me that there is a need for someone to discuss some of the plainer points of Scripture. In reading some of the various works that I regularly access, I have been noticing there is a growing amount of teaching on some rather esoteric material and a lot of much more plain material that is still needed is being by-passed.

So I will shortly be starting a blog for passing on some of the subjects I believe need addressed in plain, Scripture-based teaching.

It should provide plenty of fodder for people to put forth their view points and hopefully be a place where all sides of an issue can be discussed in hopes the truth can be brought forth and people, whether I or others, can perhaps find areas we need to change.

With that said, a few clear-up points.

No, the new methodology is not about the "membership" thing nor is that the sole issue that has been of recent vintage.

Yes, the religious things of the past few years are part of it but not all of it.

No, work is not the only issue though it is part of it.

Keenan, I am sorry, still not sure who you are. I asked a couple people if they knew who you are and I am still unsure. Please enlighten me.

No, I am not angry at anyone, do not dislike anyone, and most certainly am not out trying to spite anyone was that phrased..."wreak vengeance at cross purposes with the Holy Writ"...on anyone.

I am simply not a wilting wallflower any longer.

I hope that clears some things up.

thank you all for your concern, much love back at you, and hopefully I will have the first piece up this weekend. Since I have read the NT upwards of 4 times in recent weeks in thinking about one specific issue, trying to find a way I could be wrong because it would make life easier in some ways, I guess we all have a pretty good guess what the first one will be. So sharpen your pencils, read the Word for yourself and come prepared to discuss what we who are Christians have as a responsibility.


kev said...

I think this post relieves a lot of concerns that people may have had. I know it does for me.

As you've mentioned before, it's often hard to pick up on the tone intended by the writer, when we read things written on the internet and often additional clarification is needed.

I can read much more love in this post and I commend you for that. I encourage you (and anyone else who might read this) to remember 1 Peter 4:8 and "keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins. "

Riot Kitty said...

I think the important thing is to be yourself.

Anonymous said...

Who is Keenan. I swear I know that name? But it's not coming to me. But I feel as like I should know.

I'm glad you're not mad at me. I hope you find some peace soon.

I love you!!