Beware the Ides of Bella

The dog cheats. I just want to point that out.
She LOVES to play fetch. She has this yellow ball that probably weighs a pound and a half. She weighs maybe 9 or 10 pounds. So yeah, it is about 10% of the total body weight she has. But she loves...and I mean LOVES to play fetch.
I throw it out in the backyard and she goes bounding after it, chases it down, and comes running back with a ball as big as her head in her mouth, ears straight up in the air, prancing to show off because she captured the ball.
And will run right past me because to her, part of the game is me chasing her to get it back to throw again. When I do get the ball...usually when I tire of chasing her, slump down in the chair and she brings the ball over and drops it so I can get it..she runs out the back door so I can throw it again.
But she cheats. She starts running out in the yard before I throw it. Now, that just takes all the fun out of the game so I won't throw it since she is already where I am going to throw it. So I hold on to the ball.
So she turns, glares at me...lifts a paw in the most prissy manner just to let me know she knows what I am doing and I had best be heaving that ball if I know what is good for me.
So I say, "You are a cheater dog."
At which point she runs back onto the concrete pad, knowing if she does I will throw the ball again because that is sort of the border that defines playing fair or cheating.
Unless I feel like teasing her, in which case she glares again. Puts a hand on her hip. Starts barking orders at me.
I would tell you what she says, but there is some sort of language barrier. I only speak English and some Spanish. She speaks Italian and French. We just cannot communicate.
At some point, I want her to stop barking and throw the ball again and off she goes.
She will play this game for hours.
And hours.
And hours.
My arm will fall off, she still wants to play. Her tongue is hanging out, she is breathing heavy...and she still wants to play.
That dog is a real go-getter. She would go places in life except for two things.

First, she is a dog. there are only so many jobs available for dogs.
Second...she cheats.


Riot Kitty said...

There is a Taco Bell job for a dog like that... ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh this makes me miss my Bells. You described her perfectly! Love it and missing you guys.