Too soon? The Michael Jackson Post

(The following is meant to be funny. All words in italics are titles of songs from one or another of Michael Jacksons' albums. Unfortunately, considering his character, it may prove more tragic than humorous. We will see.)

I kept my quite marginal Michael Jackson fandom In the Closet which, by the way, was where he kept his Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day for little boys.

Now, Everybody's Somebody's Fool, and if you don't believe he had pedophile tendencies, well, You Can Cry on My Shoulder. After all, his best feelings were With a Child's Heart and many of his, ah, "friends" were simply Too Young for him to be Doggin' Around with. 

I just think there was something wrong with the way he would have a sub-teen male child stay in his bed and he would wake up with a Morning Glow. For him, it often seemed young men were a Thriller.When he saw them, he would say, "It doesn't matter if I am Black or White, you just have Got to Be There to understand me."

He never wanted a man, he wanted Just a Little Bit of You. Girls mattered little, but should you be pre-teen male, he might say, "I'll Come Home to You".

Dear Michael, that was Bad. If you had One Day in Your Life you could relive, would it be the day you hung your baby over the rail by its heels or the day you were discovered at Neverland with an "adult alarm"? Take Me Back to that incident. Tell me what you were thinking. You have time...We've Got Forever now.

I mean, your relationship with a certain child actor from the Home Alone movies was strange. I know you were fascinated with the P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), but I bet when you asked him over he wishes he had just Beat It...then again, you probably did. It may not be Human Nature but it was apparently Michael nature.

Don't get mad at me, I don't Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', not with a Smooth Criminal like you. You need to look at the Man in the Mirror and think about how the things you did might have affected others. Did you think about The Way You Make Me Feel when you claim you and all these kids hiding behind the "adult alarm" were Just Good Friends?

I must admit, you were Dangerous. Remember the Time you told that kid to Give in to Me? Did you Jam anything anywhere it should not have been? Fortunately, you decided to Heal the World by passing on and I must admit, you are not Gone to Soon for me. 

There were times when you as Jackson the artist definitely had The Greatest Show on Earth, your moves left your fans Speechless, but then your life took us down a path that makes us wonder, what about The Lost Children? You may have been a Heartbreaker for them, they were not Invincible. Whatever happens with your estate, I Cry for those who shared Privacy with you because they probably felt Threatened. They will always be under a cloud for all who know them.

Your music left us with Butterflies, but after your actions, I guess we all know that, for you, Heaven Can Wait.

And for all you out there who are lionizing him and forgetting his poor parenting "skills", his legal problems revolving around inappropriate contact with young male children, and how he melted down, shame on you. Don't wait for The Break of Dawn to stop counting him as a hero...Don't Walk Away from your error, run.

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Riot Kitty said...

You are SO BAD! Yes, you would like a spanking! Put a spork in it ;)