Maybe, just maybe, I am not as smart as I thought I was...

So yet another ruggedly hot day of misery was upon us. I was going over to Dad's to work on some music stuff.

Now, normally when I go to his house, I flip around in the big gravel area and back into the grass at the end of his driveway. Today, however, I spotted a shady spot up by the fence that, if I pulled in head first, just might accommodate me and let the car remain a couple degrees cooler than sitting out in the sun.

So I parked, sat there listening to a song finish when...what is that? Is it RAINING on me?

Now, on the bright side, the water was cool and refreshing.

On the dark side, it was getting into my poor abused car. Yesterdays accident was enough, I need this not.

So I naturally look straight into the sky.

No, no clouds there, just about a billion degrees of heat pouring down on me.

Look to the left and...well...

they were watering the lawn. I got sprinklered.

A more alert person than I might have noticed this cascade of water before parking in such a prime location.

Then again, I am many things, but am I a.... lert?


Riot Kitty said...

You know in cartoons where the characters are in the dessert and see a mirage? I'm wanting some rain just about now!

pheromone girl said...

Rain... it rained on Friday for a few minutes as I drove through Beaverton. Big, wet, warm drops. I don't like hot rain.

BTW: A wold is an open tract of land, usually in rural areas of England. Or, it's Rachel without the ability to add an R when she types the word World. Just saying...