Someone finally laughed!

There is a phrase I have used for years. It is one of those phrases that I know is intrinsically funny yet few people seem to "get" the joke. Until tonight. Well, technically LAST night since it is about 3:04 in the morning (just got home from work or I would be sleeping too).

Anyway, I "threatened" the counter staff, "Yeah, you better watch it or my lawyers will be in touch with you when they get out in twenty to life. They aren't very good lawyers."

Now, the fact that my lawyers would be in jail for a sentence of 20 to life has always struck my funny bone, except in a good way. Why do they call it the funny bone when it isn't? Flat out hurts...

Okay, side trip over. That line has always made me laugh but very seldom other people. But tonight, someone laughed at it long, loud and hard. This made me happy so I thought I would share. I know, pointless. But it makes me happy, so deal with it. :-)


Riot Kitty said...

I thought it was funny!

pheromone girl said...

Happy is good!!!